Smoothie VS Juice

Smoothie or Juice? WHY NOT BOTH?!

Over the years we’ve gotten so many questions and comments from our fans and friends like, “juice doesn’t have the fiber like smoothies do”, “smoothies can replace a meal, but a juice can’t”, and ultimately, “what is the difference between a smoothie and a juice?”. Well, there is a BIG difference between the two, which is why we are so excited to combine them into one delicious, hearty, healthy, life-changing beverage that can replace a meal or supplement your daily meals!

First off, let’s distinguish the difference between a smoothie and a juice. Smoothies contain all of your favorite fruits, vegetables, nut butters, etc. with the base typically being water and/or milks. Added ice will thicken it up and also give it that COLD and “slushy” consistency, making it more enjoyable and tasty especially on a hot day. A smoothie usually contains upwards of 300-600 calories (give or take), depending on how much or how little ingredients you put in. That being said, they can definitely replace a meal (most popularly breakfast) and still provide you with more than enough nutrients in one glass. A smoothie contains all of the dietary and soluble fiber that is naturally in the food you eat. Basically, instead of eating your food, you’re drinking it.

A juice, on the other hand (and we’re talking about the cold-pressed kind) is a plethora of your favorite fruits and vegetables (preferably ones that would be tasty when combined with one another) grinded up and pressed to yield the most delicious, healthy, cell-buzzing nectar you ever did have! This can be done through various household cold-pressed juicers like the Omega Vert HD350, or by visiting your favorite local juicer. We, for example, also offer Home Delivery, like the milk man ?. So, there are many ways to get your hands on this “fountain-of-youth” stuff. The biggest (and mainly the only) difference between a juice and a smoothie is the absence of the dietary fiber in the juice. All of the “pulp” is extracted and separated from the fruits and vegetables during the juicing process. It is at the stage of this process in which we donate this (still nutritious) “pulp waste” to local farms to use as feed for their wonderful animals. This process eliminates the dietary fiber, but the juice is still loaded with all the natural soluble fiber and the benefits. Additionally, just like a smoothie, a juice can absolutely replace a meal or supplement your daily meals. Just keep in mind that a glass of cold-pressed juice does not contain the caloric intake of, let’s say, a smoothie, or a full meal. This sounds great for the weight-conscious eater, but be smart and supplement with juice the healthiest way. Meaning, load up your system with the most powerful vitamins and minerals contained in cold-pressed juices while eating your standard meals, and then restore and detox with the occasional juice cleanse program (ask us more about that!). Your body will never be happier!

So, you can see that there are obvious differences between the two, but both are essential to healthy living. We, personally, incorporate both juice and smoothies into our daily lives. However, we can promise you that with the combination of both, juice and smoothie, your life will never be the same! Instead of using water or milk as the base of your smoothie, dump in 12-16 oz of your favorite Fully Rooted juice. Next, blast in a bunch of the most colorful fruits and veggies you have. Top it off with a handful of ice, and WHA-LA! You have yourself a kick !#% glass of energetic, immune-boosting, muscle-strengthening, heart-pumping, cell-buzzing beverage, that you will have to hide from your family and friends!


Your Health Is Now. Don’t Wait Any Longer.

Much love,

Mike & the Fully Rooted Team

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