Getting Clean

   Being young, my story is not so long and eventful.  My journey into wellness began with the building of a great friendship. Steve and Claudia introduced me to juice at least 5 years ago. They opened my eyes to the power of nutrition and how it can effectively heal the body.

For many years, I have suffered from seasonal allergies.  Nothing like cancer or other chronic disease, but when it comes to seasonal allergies, mine were pretty bad.  For a long time, I could not eat many fruits such as apples and peaches due to the intensity of my allergies.  I was also receiving allergy shots every week. Then Steve and Claudia showed me a cleanse they were doing, called the Clean Program.  This program changed my life!  I cleansed just for 16 days and my allergies were almost non-existent!  I felt so energized and productive every day.  I have since cleansed twice more because cleaning my body is an ongoing process.

Juice is a large part of my diet, for it provides me with everything I need to run and remove toxins from my body.  I have also come to realize how many toxins we live with every day.  They are everywhere!  When your digestive system is 80% of your immune system, cleansing and eating clean is the best way to avoid most toxins we intake.  Juicing makes it easy and tastes great!

Wheatgrass is the most powerful juice of them all!  I have an ounce and a half every single morning.  Sometimes I actually put a few ounces into a bath and submerge myself for 30 mins.  I had read about how people were doing it for their skin.  I had very dry skin which has greatly improved since. It seems pretty strange, but I like it.

So I urge everyone to take a look at themselves and think about how much better they can feel if they put some focus and effort into their health.  It will change your life in more ways than you know. I know this because it changed mine!