Nature is perfect the way it is. It never needs enhancing because its beauty just remains day in and day out, each moment showing its full transparency. Yet somehow, we simply have forgotten about the simplicity in what nature already provides; we try to perfect what is already flawless. A horrific amount of preservatives, sugars, and chemicals are being added to our food, which ultimately is ingrained into our bodies, and we are no longer satiated and are left wanting more. Our attempts have failed. We have found ourselves in a world where our foods are causing illnesses that consume and our actions are depleting our resources. How could we have forgotten to love each other and more consequentially, ourselves. The self-destructive behavior towards the environment and nature is a direct reflection of our ignorance to each other as human beings.

But hope remains in the influence of individuals who question this destruction, the strength of communities that take action, and most notably, businesses that consider their externalities. We at Fully Rooted have modeled our business on the basis of what has outlived anything else on this precious earth… nature.

Just like nature we are diverse. We have travelled on extraordinary paths only to have converged as a group, journeying on the road to wellness by providing raw cold-pressed juice. We are driven to revive what is already beautiful by delivering pure vitality from natural sources with honest ingredients. Adamant on the ability to heal or hinder our health with what we ingest, our stories have the power to help others create their own by building better relationships with food. We are rooted in the belief that our bodies are equipped with the ability to heal itself with nature as its guide.

Our values to give more than received is our deep foundation. Our limitless belief in sustaining wellness is what sprouts the soul of our company. The drive to retain the wholeness of the earth is what binds our company to all that surrounds us. We are Fully Rooted in being more than just a juice company, but a movement to becoming more.