[vc_column_text]Where can I get juice?

Juice can be purchased at any of our farmers’ market locations.

You can also receive home or business deliveries, refer below for more information.

We are also working on opening up a location for you to purchase a larger variety of products in Pawtucket, RI.


Why cold-pressed?

We believe that without the use of pasteurization or processing you are able to obtain the maximum amount of nutrients and live enzymes that are not present in juice that is pasteurized, thus, we only have a 3-day shelf life, but that is why our juice is so delicious!




How do I order juice online?

Simply go to the shop page on the website. You can register and create an account for easy reordering.


What days can I receive a delivery?

We currently have deliveries running on Wednesdays but hope to expand into another day as we have more demand for deliveries!


Why do I have to be home when I receive my delivery?

Our juice must be kept refrigerated or deeply chilled at all times since the product is raw, hence, you must be home. We do have juice friends who leave a key out for us to deliver right to their fridge in the event a best-time cannot be coordinated.


What types of juices do you offer?

All of our current juice options are located on the shop page of our website. Many of the carrot/apple combinations are offered year-round while other juices are only offered seasonally.


What do I do with remaining glass jars?

You can recycle them with us at any of our markets, at your next delivery, or, you can reuse them at any of our farmers’ markets or soon to be juice shop. When you refill them at any location, you are charged less and get a little more juice!


Why glass jars?

For us, choosing glass is really essential to our mission. To offer beautiful, vibrant nutrients while having as little impact on the environment as possible.


Why can’t I use my reusable jar I purchase at the market for deliveries?

Due to logistics, we cannot carry an inventory of customers glass jars for refills each week. So, we discount the price of our juice for those who are signing up for 4-week or unlimited subscriptions.


Why plastic jars for cleanses?

This decision was tough for us! Since cleanses are usually a much bulkier order we decided to make it easier for those cleansing to transport their bottles to and from work or home. Since you are drinking juice all day carting around 6 glass bottles is much heavier than 6 plastic bottles. We do offer another option for cleanses to be received in glass bottles which is more pricey but are for those who opt for a plastic-free home.


What do I do with my cleanse bottles?

Cleanse bottles are plastic and can be recycled. We do have our 4 oz. shot bottles in glass so if you enjoyed them bring them to the market for a refill and save money!


For all deliveries we require 2-days notice.

There is a $25 minimum order for all deliveries unless we are delivering multiple juices totaling over $25 at the same location.



Will cleansing make me lose weight?

Our cleanses are designed to give your digestive system a rest while providing your body with clean energy to operate. Resting your digestion is essential in flushing out toxins, repairing your organs and replenishing your body with clean nutrients. Thus when you are complete with your cleanse you are better prepared to enter a healthier, cleaner diet because your body will crave cleaner nutrients after cleansing.


What else should I expect from cleansing?

After you purchase your cleanse, we will provide you with a complimentary packet that highlights pre- during- and post-cleanse expectations. It will be available as a downloadable pdf. Along with other tools that will help you on your journey towards greater health.


When is the best time to do a cleanse?

Naturally our bodies tend to desire a cleanse as the seasons change. We recommend cleansing is best during the Fall and Spring seasons. Extreme cold and extreme heat as we experience in the Summer and Winter here in New England can be more taxing than we think on our bodies, therefore, cleansing while there is a moderate change in the season is best. Think Spring or Fall cleaning.


How often should I cleanse?

We recommend cleansing as often as you feel you need to refresh your diet. Whether or not you eat clean everyday, everyone can benefit from resting their digestion. Remember, cleansing is not an end all weight issues and eating issues. There is no quick-fix no matter what anyone says! Patience and making small changes is how to sustain your best health. And we are here for you! We’ve been there!


What is the difference between the Cleanse & Restore and the Deep Detox?

Cleanse & Restore | Three day juice cleanse consisting of |4| 16 oz. juices per day and |3| 2 oz. Breath of Fire and |3| 1 oz. Wheatgrass shots. Wonderful for those who are new to cleansing or have the desire to continue eating while cleansing.


This cleanse is designed to give your digestive system a rest while providing your body with clean energy to operate. Resting your digestion is essential in flushing out toxins, repairing your organs and replenishing your body with clean nutrients while still allowing you to eat very light, anti-inflammatory meals. This cleanse  We offer a cleanse packet with recommended food options while recommending 12-hours of rest in between juices and light meals.


Deep Detox | Three day juice cleanse consisting of |6| 16 oz. juices per day and |3| 2 oz. Breath of Fire and |3| 1 oz. Wheatgrass shots. This cleanse is great for more experienced cleansers or those looking for a deeper flush. By drinking only fluids while still obtaining nutrients, your body is able to work less on digesting and work more on repairing and maintaining other aspects of your body allowing for a deeper cleanse experience.


Orders must be placed 2-days prior.


Step-by-step ordering online:

Simply go to the shop page.

Click on what you’d like to order.

Choose a size.

Choose the type of subscription plan:

“ONE-TIME PURCHASE” will allow you to purchase just once for that week.

“PER WEEK” will allow you to order until you’d like to cancel your subscription.

“PER WEEK FOR 4 WEEKS” will allow you to receive the 15% off discount and also allow you to pre-order for the next 4 weeks!

Head to your cart in the right-hand corner once you are done.

Either enter as a returning customer or simply type your information in.

Pay using your credit card with the secure Stripe feature.


I am not allowed to make a purchase under $25.

We have a minimum order of $25 or over unless you are picking up at a studio or farmers’ market.


I am not allowed to make a purchase because it is 1-day before delivery or the farmers’ market.

Keep in mind your order must be 48-hours prior to purchase so we can enlist the juice elves and magically make your juice


How do I adjust my reoccurring or 4-week order?

Simply log into your account. From there you can put your account on hold, re-activate your account, change your billing or shipping address and any other information you may need to change.


How do I change my juice order?

Simply log into your account, go to “my subscriptions” and click your order. Until we can improve this feature, you will have to cancel your current subscription and create a new one with the juices you’d like.  Or you can contact us via email and we can apply the changes you’d like. 

What will the charge to my card look like on my statement?

It will appear on your credit card statement as “Fully Rooted Inc”[/vc_column_text]