We offer free shipping on all product purchases over $25. Generally most of our orders need to be ordered 2 days before delivery day. All deliveries currently take place on Wednesdays of every week. Orders usually arrive in the morning (time slot can be selected on checkout page) depending upon your location within Rhode Island. All products shall be deemed to be delivered and risk of loss relating to shipment shall pass from Fully Rooted Inc. (Seller) to Customer (Buyer) at such time as product is loaded onto a delivery vehicle. We will email you your order receipt with details for your order and delivery. All claims by Buyer for damage, loss or delays in transit shall be made by Buyer against the carrier, and Seller shall have no responsibility or obligations with respect to any such damage, loss or delay.  

All products will be packed for shipment in accordance with Seller’s standard practices, packing methods and shipping documents. Manner, route and carrier of shipment will at Seller’s sole discretion. Buyer is responsible to inspect equipment for damage caused by the carrier and to promptly notify carrier and Seller of any damages found.

All deliveries must be received by the recipient so it can be immediately refrigerated. Upon day of delivery the product is good until its “use by date” as long as it is refrigerated at all times.

Acceptance, Cancellation & Return

Product ownership and risk of loss passes from Seller to Buyer at such time as product is loaded onto a transportation carrier vehicle. Damage and loss claims must therefore be made by Buyer directly to the carrier. Each shipment date is approximate, and Seller shall not be responsible for any damages of any kind resulting from any delay in shipment or delivery of any products. Buyer must report to Seller within 24 hours any alleged error, shortage, or nonconformity of such products.

Damaged Merchandise

Buyer shall carefully inspect products of all deliveries and refuse delivery of items damaged upon delivery. If Buyer refuses to receive delivery please review our Refund Policy with directions on how to proceed with a refund or return.


Please call us at 1-401-753-4930 or send an email to info@fullyrooted.com with any questions.



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