“Juicing Over Drugs”

Most of my life I found myself to be very confused and lost. I did not know what direction to move towards because I I was not sure of who I was or  where I was heading.  That amount of uncertainty caused me a lot of stress, which led to bad choices. As a young adult most of my choices revolved around finding the quickest and easiest way to get out of discomfort, which I now realize only prolonged my suffering.  My choices always ended with me reaching for something, drugs and alcohol, to numb everything I was feeling.

Around 3 years ago, I was faced with a life changing decision that I now look back on with gratitude. After a chain of events, I finally made the choice to come clean and be brutally honest to everyone I had known and loved, including myself. I decided to move into sobriety. Although I  took a huge step in the right direction, I still found myself struggling mentally and physically regarding my health. I was in and out of the doctor’s offices on a weekly basis. My immune system was unable to fight off infections due to the many years of abuse inflicted onto myself with my drug addiction. I needed something in my life that would give me hope, strength, energy, and connection.

I was then introduced to juicing, by my mother, Claudia and step-father, Steven. After learning how it had drastically changed both of their lives, I quickly began to believe in everything juicing does and can do. I was experiencing The Power of Plants with newfound immunity. Immediately, I fell in love with juicing Wheatgrass because you only needed a small amount to ingest a great deal of powerful nutrients . It soon became my passion because I was feeling stronger both physically and mentally. For the last 2 ½ years I have made an effort to have a 2 ounce shot of Wheatgrass every morning and sometimes another 2 ounce shot at night time. It has become a positive ritual for me to take part of, in place of drugs and alcohol. Another juice I like to drink on a daily basis is apple-carrot. When combined with Wheatgrass, I have the most powerful and happiest day ever.

Juicing, for me has become a passion of mine that will always be a part of my lifestyle for as long as I live. I AM {FULLY ROOTED}