New Interior Collection

Empire Tea & Coffee Exclusive Kombucha

We partnered with Empire for this light and refreshing kombucha blend offered only on tap at their Broadway location in Newport, RI.

This booch is based on their Ayurvedic Total Body tea blend: Rooibos, Peppermint, Spearmint, Ginger, Apple, Almond, Rose Hips, Rose Petals, Osmanthus Petals, Hibiscus Petals

Empire Tea & Coffee
22 Broadway, Newport RI

Tallulah’s Taqueria Boocharita Kombucha

Our take on the Margarita in collaboration with Tallulah’s Taqueria – our favorite place to get tacos and burritos in RI!

Brewed in Yerba Mate, infused with Orange Peel and Lime Juice.

Tallulah’s Taqueria
146 Ives St, Providence RI

30% discount on appearals