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Where does all our waste go?

From the beginning, we wanted to build sustainability into the fabric of our company. Working in the restaurant industry eight years prior to Fully Rooted, I saw how much waste of basic recyclables went directly into the trash, not to mention food. It wasn’t because the restaurant maliciously wanted to ruin the earth, it was out of convenience and cost that it was handled in this way.

It may have been just how that one restaurant operated but when you start to think about how many other restaurants, businesses and homes operate in this way it begins to add up. 

Our goal is to mitigate our waste as much as possible because not only is it important to us that we nourish our bodies, we want to ensure that we’re not taking away from the earth in order for us to operate. 

Much of our waste comes from packaging materials from produce we receive, juice pulp and without our reusable jar system it would be packaging of our juice and kombucha. 

Over the years our juice pulp has gone to local farmers, composting bins, and vermicomposters. Now, much of our juice pulp waste goes to Magic Tree to create worm castings. See the pineapple greenery in the image above? It started as a tiny seedling in the earth, grown into a leafy pineapple plant abundant in nourishing vitamins, to our facility to be juiced, given to you in juice form and the waste goes back into the earth. 

We dream of one day where we will have land to do our own composting and vermicomposting right where we produce. For now, we’re grateful for our friend Cushman and his work vermicomposting.

Benefits of vermicomposting our juice pulp:
Keeps food waste and organic materials out of the landfill!
Is nutrient-dense for soil 
Improves soil structure
Contains beneficial bacteria

The cool part is, vermicomposting can easily be done at home too! While we’re certainly not perfect, we continue to learn and find new ways to lessen our impact on the environment around us. All our little efforts add up in a big way.

Juice For A Cause: World Central Kitchen, Ukraine

Our hearts have been reeling over what is happening in Ukraine. It’s hard not to take action in some way that will have meaningful impact. For us, we can think of no better way than through the basic necessity of nourishment. An estimated 2.5 million people have fled their homes in Ukraine, many traveling without food, water and shelter. Many leaving their loved ones behind. 
We know that we are not the only ones that feel urged to help. Now through March 21 we’ve created a limited juice made with grapefruit, orange and ginger. 100% of sales will go to World Central Kitchen, a nonprofit and first to the frontlines providing nourishing food to the people of Ukraine.
Currently with #ChefsForUkraine, World Central Kitchen has served 1,000,000 meals, are active in 55+ cities, have over 330 distribution points in over 5 countries. With our help, they can do more.
Our heart felt thank you in advance for joining us in supporting this incredible organization. We urge you to learn more about what they are doing and follow the moving stories of those impacted. 
Our friends at Paleonola have graciously offered to match all sales made. We are absolutely floored by their generosity. This is what community is about.
Together with Paleonola and all of your donations, we have raised $2,160 for World Central Kitchen. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your donations to this cause. 

Kimchi Avocado Toast

Sometimes you just need a simple and quick meal that can be made at anytime of the day. We love using locally crafted, women-owned Chi Kitchen Vegan Kimchi. The flavors are bold, spicy and vibrant and we love the benefits and added probiotics you receive from this kimchi. Plus, they produce right next door to us. Shop our pantry to add to your cart for home delivery. See recipe below.

Shopping list:
Grapefruit juice (Available for home delivery)
Chi Kitchen Vegan Kimchi (Available for home delivery)
Your bread of choice
Local egg
Mixed greens
Fresh parsley
Salt + pepper to taste

How to:
1. Mash up avocado and top toast.
2. Add kimchi, greens and parsley to toast.
3. Fry up an egg, or use pan seared tofu. Serve on the side or on top of your toast.
4. Serve with freshly pressed grapefruit juice.

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