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Sustainable Health

Listen, there are so many various diets and cleanses out there, so many in fact that there is probably a new one created every single day. The majority of them are based on the same idea, which ultimately makes them extremely appealing to the masses. This idea is to lose weight. Most of the population in our society wants to get the very best, very fast, without the work. Bigger, better, faster, stronger… with faster being the kicker. Immediate gratification, folks, that is what it’s all about. But let me tell you from first-hand experience, that immediate gratification, no matter what area in your life it comes to, is not sustainable. As fast as that gratification came, it will leave you just as quickly. Why? It is unsustainable and short-lived because you did not earn it. There was no passion involved in the actions which lead to no appreciation with the result. Period. You can either look at this truth as heartbreaking or motivating. If viewed negatively then you will without a doubt stay in the vicious circle that so many people are wound up in… always looking for a quick fix while slowly diminishing their gratitude for the amazing things in life. On the other hand, if you realize that balance and commitment equal sustainability and are passionate to reach that mastery in your life, then you will be inspired. Inspired to learn, live, love and grow. Inspired to create your life around what feels right instead of what looks right. The first step in a life that feels right is your health, plain and simple. You cannot fully feel anything without optimum health, and prime health is built from the root up… literally. Meaning what goes into your body is a direct correlation with what actions and results will be reaped from what comes out of your body. Crumple up all of those printed diet plans that you got from the internet and throw them in the garbage. Erase from your mind anything that any (for the most part) “professional” bodybuilder or fitness coach has told you in regards to what to eat and when to eat. The real deal will take discipline and dedication, but in the end there is promise and purity that will awaken you from the sleepiness that has engulfed most of your life. With the right foods producing the super nutrients and vitamins that your cells crave, there is no telling what you will be able to do with your life. Limitless. These vital nutrients and vitamins are received from the right foods. When I say the right foods, I am talking about consciously eating on a daily basis. Before putting anything into your mouth, ask yourself, “is this okay to eat?” Be honest with yourself. Of course we are all at different levels of education, especially with food knowledge, but deep down inside I believe that we all know the difference between bad foods and good foods. Flip the box over and read the Nutritional Facts and ingredients listed, look and feel the food, and really think about it… will this be good or bad for me? This is a perfect place to start your personal health reformation. Build the foundation with one stone at a time because… there is no immediate gratification with sustaining a healthy lifestyle, but I promise the results from the balance and commitment are out-of-this-world incredible! Survivor for life, Mike @ Fully Rooted

A Natural Energy Booster

yellow flower energy     You’ve had a long day. Your body feels completely drained by 3:00pm, but you know there is so much more that needs to be done before you retire for the night. This can be frustrating and exhausting. However, the solution to your problem lies right in your refrigerator, waiting for you to make the move. Juicing restores vital nutrients and minerals to your body that may have been loss just due to a normal day of working, walking, thinking, and talking. Simple stuff that we do all of the time takes energy. Sure, it may be small amounts of energy, but it adds up! Now throw malnutrition or a vitamin deficiency into the mix, and that is a recipe for disaster (or naps!). Drinking a 10-12 ounce juice packed with your favorite fruits and vegetables will give you a boost of energy to make you feel alive and productive for the rest of the day! Many people rely on energy drinks and excessive coffee to perk them up out of the zombie-like state they may be in when mid-afternoon begins to roll around. It’s a fact that the hours between 1:00pm and 4:00pm are where the majority of people feel the most tired, so a quick fix is extremely appealing. But stop loading your body up (the only body you have) with artificial and unhealthy substances. You’re ultimately masking the problem, and will eventually have to deal with it at some point. The problem is the malnutrition and deficiencies from life-sustaining vitamins and micronutrients. We now live in a world that is fixated on convenience, so what if I was to tell you that there is a convenient way to get a healthy source of energy? JUICE! Juicing will consistently and honestly flood your body, from the feet up, with buzzing happiness and bursting color that will leave you feeling alive and well. It is sustainable. It is obtainable. Give yourself what you deserve!
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