Making a Merry 2023


Making seasons bright *and* extra nourishing this holiday season

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Gift yourself a gentle reset during the holiday season

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Explore our best-selling juices and kombucha all bundled up and ready to be gifted.

best selling bundles

locally made gifts

Hand-poured candles. New England grown and harvested teas. Rich maple syrup from Vermont. We’ve got a collection of pantry staples, unique finds for your home and much more. All thoughtfully curated for you.

home & pantry

freshly pressed, delivered to their door (or yours)

Give the gift of home delivery. Delivered right to their door. Just in time for Christmas. 

cold-pressed juices

Holiday Best Sellers

Gift Cards

When in doubt, opt for a sitewide or farmer’s market gift card

Green Lemonade

Year-round best seller!

Starter Bundle

A perfect introduction to fresh juices and kombucha

Tapered Beeswax candles

Hand dipped beeswax from local bee keepers

Gentle Cleanse

Reset with our three day juice cleanse, designed to kickstart healthier habits and give you reprieve from the holidays

Aster Candle Co.

Divinely scented, hand poured candles made in Rhode Island to warm up any space 



Fine & Raw Hazelnut Spreads

Decadent, chocolatey spread made with organic coconut sugar in New York

Kombucha Sampler

Sample our six staple flavors, great for all kombucha lovers

Stocking Stuffers from the Coast of Maine

Wild Chaga Tincture

Chaga mushroom harvested in Maine. May help regulate the immune system and promote elevated balance for the body, mind and spirit.

Take It Easy

Turn your worrier in a warrior with this sacred herb grown and harvested on the coast of Maine.

Silky Smooth Lip Balm

Buttery, soft lips slipped right into any stocking with ingredients harvested from the coast of Maine.

Immune Support for the Holidays

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry Syrup is sweet yet tangy, and full of nutritive herbs giving it a uniquely delicious flavor plus the wellness support. Made in Rhode Island!

Fire Cider

Our very own Fire Cider made from locally grown ingredients. Most consume it in the morning before eating to help stimulate digestion and immune support.

Shots for Support

Sweet little juice shots for optimal health. Locally grown Wheatgrass, Breath of Fire and our post-workout beet juice.

making the season fresher, nourishing, and local