Fully Rooted in Growth & Happiness

At Fully Rooted, we believe that in order to live a magnificent life, full of happiness, wonder, beauty and love, then one has to journey to the root of all the growth-stimulating areas of life. Areas such as health, relationships, financial achievement, and spirituality, are just to name a few. You cannot transcend into the level of your wildest dreams unless you understand and master the basics, effectively building an indestructible foundation for your life’s mansion. The basics are also the roots. The roots of life are the truth. It is only when we accept the truth that we can finally be happy and filled with a great sense of peace that warms our soul even in the coldest of weathers.

We personally know the amazing ripple effect that great health can have on every other area of your life. It makes the impossible possible, and turns dreams into reality. Great health is difference between a happy life and a miserable life. It is that plain and simple truth we need to come to terms with and begin to change our actions. A little change goes a long way, but it also makes your beautiful transformation sustainable. It won’t be long until you find yourself able to run around with your children like you used to, or hiking to that beautiful spot from which your vantage point overlooks the natural beauty of the land. You, and only you, can take yourself from illness to wellness… but that growth can only take place if you change.

In tandem with the realism that growth can only come from change, there has to be a balance and contentment with how your life already is… right now in this very moment. Just like the key to great health requires a journey back to the root of good food and disciplines, the same goes for your inner happiness. The root of true happiness comes from acceptance. No matter what speed your life is going at or how little or big you’ve changed in accordance to your goals, it is vital to remember that your life is exactly where it is supposed to be right in this moment of time. If you are not where you would like to be, take a breath and surrender to your acceptance and faith that you will get there, but living in this moment is the most importance thing of all. If you have changed multiple fronts of your life and are blasting through achievement after achievement, living your life at an amazing speed, then take a breath, humble yourself, and accept your life the way it is right now… nothing more, nothing less. Now. Because just as much as growth comes from change, happiness comes from acceptance of what can and cannot change at the moment, ultimately accepting yourself for who you are right now and loving every part of that.

Fully Rooted actively practices this truth and is determined to help everyone in the community that we come in contact with see and believe this for themselves. Whether it is sustainably setting someone up to change their lifestyle from an ill-based one to one full of exuberance with the power of food, or sharing a personal, motivational story from one of our seven members, assuring them that they are not alone in this journey of life, we are passionate in making this connection and offering our knowledge, energy, love and support. Always remember that the growth of anything comes from change beginning from the roots and radiates into every other area of its’ life, and happiness comes from the acceptance that life is the way it is supposed to be right now in this moment and you are exactly where you are intended to be.

Deep breath…


Much love from the Fully Rooted Team.



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