Claritea Kombucha for those Spring Allergens

Our take on Clariton® for the spring pollen that seems to be raining down on us ever more each year. I recently heard from the science podcast “Shortwave” that each year the co2 in the atmosphere increases, the plants create more pollen. I’m not sure what causes us to have a reaction to it, but we’ve had some success using some natural remedies.

Enter… the Claritea Kombucha: Pineapple, Beet, and Nettle Extract

Nettle is a powerful antihistamine. Whenever my eyes are itchy or the sneezing starts, I make some nettle tea right away or take some dropper fulls in the mouth from an extract. If we were going to make a limited spring kombucha, I knew this had to be included. I’ve been telling everyone about my success with it and others have found it as well. Nettle grows all around us and can be found in spring. Gather some up and make tea or soup for some relief and be careful handling it. The prickly hairs on Nettle can sting you and temporarily cause a burning sensation.

Pineapple was chosen for its Bromelain. This chemical is great for helping the body remove mucus and phlegm. Along with the power of Beet Juice, which increases blood flow and Nitric Oxide levels in the body, this Kombucha could give you a helpful boost this season. I’ve been enjoying this one late morning before heading outside for the day. The taste also reminds me of the Echinacea Sunrise juice 😉

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