Carr’s Apple Cider Vinegar


Grown from apples situated on the northwest slope of Mt. Warner in Massachusetts. Carr’s sweet cider vinegar has a big, fruity kick. It’s perfect for salad dressings, marinades, deglazing the pan, or making reduction sauces for roasted vegetables, pork, lamb, fish or fowl. Many people love it in sparkling water as a refreshing and pick-me-up. It’s the best tasting apple cider vinegar we’ve ever had!

Carr’s Ciderhouse is a family-run operation committed to handcrafting small batch, naturally made hard ciders as well as apple cider-based products for the pantry.

Committed to preserving traditional foodways of the area, preserving farmland, and preserving the balance of ecosystems by never spraying, minimally mowing, practicing silvopasture with goats and sheep, and planting lots and lots of trees!

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