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Boost Children's Nutrition with the Power of Juice


Kids are in a constant state of growth. Their bodies are in great demand of the highest quality foods possible to enrich their¬†inevitable growth and build a foundation of all-around health.¬†The process is easy once the body gets the nutrition that it needs, but getting your children to consistently eat or drink nutritiously is the hard part. Taste, texture, and the marketing of the product play a huge role in how our children eat and drink. It is nice to see more and more health-driven food companies market their products towards the younger crowd, but let’s be honest, it still is not making the difference that we need if we want to change the poor eating habits that the majority of people are stuck in. It is up to us to surround our little ones with food and beverage that will allow them to flourish in their lives. This is where juicing comes in. It is the key to the door that will lead to a more healthier and happier lifestyle. When your child is old enough, don’t you give them a spare key to their home in case of emergency and for general peace of mind? Well, what if you found out that not only could you give your child a key to shelter, but to also good health. Raw cold-pressed juicing does just that.

Whether it is a dozen different fruits and vegetables being juiced or just two types, the result is the same: an abundance of vitamins and¬†micro-nutrients¬†into your child’s body, immediately.¬†This amount of concentrated nutrients (primarily made up of¬†micro-nutrients, phytochemicals, minerals,¬†pro vitamins, and amazing antioxidants) simply cannot be consumed daily with a typical adult diet…¬†¬†never mind¬†your child’s.¬†But almost anyone can drink 10-12 ounces of juice at least once a day. That is all it takes.¬†One glass = Pure Health.¬†

Our juice is made by pushing fresh fruits and vegetables through an auger style juicer (http://site.juicerdepot.com/Types_of_Juicers.html). There are different types of juicers, all good for different reasons, but we find this type to be the most efficient when considering quality and cost. You get high quality, unheated juice that is ready for you to drink as is or strained (some fibrous pulp remains in the juice).¬†A little tip:¬†strain all kid’s juices, they will definitely enjoy it better and decrease the possibility of them not liking it. It is a fairly simple three-step process that you can actually involve your kids in to elevate the experience a little more and make it fun for the whole family. First wash and cut the produce. Next, juice! With an auger style juicer you push the fruits and vegetables down through the “drum” and watch the pulp come out the end, while the¬†raw cold-pressed juice¬†drains out of the bottom into your drinking container of choice. Lastly, and this is purely optional, you strain the juice (using an appropriately sized strainer).¬†Enjoy!

It is our responsibility to provide our children the finest nutrients that are available to us. Cold-pressed juicing is the answer, and a fun and exciting one at that! It is the ultimate way to make a shift in health for the next generation. Every child should have a “juicstache”!¬†Try it for yourself or contact us at Fully Rooted to either provide you with the juice itself or ways to educate and inform yourself if you are interested in incorporating a juicing regiment into your life.

Happy Juicing!

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