Elevate Your Immune System with Ginger & Reishi

We brew Kombucha for its health benefits, taste, and the work it’s doing to our gut. Each new flavor we introduce is specifically designed to be beneficial to our bodies but also provides a pure, artisanal taste. 

So we present to you Ginger Reishi, a fusion of Ginger, locally grown Reishi mushroom and organic, caffeine-free Nettle tea.

As the seasons change and we put our bathing suits away, we welcome busy schedules and colder weather. A potential way to keep our immune systems elevated is with Reishi mushroom. Reishi mushroom contains chemicals that seem to have a variety of potentially beneficial effects, including activity against tumors (cancer) and beneficial effects on the immune system. Long ago in China, Reishi mushrooms were referred to as the “mushrooms of immortality”. This may sound a little melodramatic but new research suggests there are correlations with using the mushroom for improving immune function in select studies. 

Ginger takes this kombucha to a whole other level. The comfort we find in the familiar flavor of ginger will satisfy your taste buds and keep you sipping. Ginger contains chemicals that may reduce nausea and inflammation. Researchers believe the chemicals work primarily in the stomach and intestines, but they may also work in the brain and nervous system to control nausea. The compilation of ingredients work together to create a multitude of benefits in each bottle we fill.

Keep yourself healthy as the new season strikes and try our new Ginger Reishi kombucha.




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